How To Know If Your SEO Is Working

How do you know if your SEO is working?

Hi. Liza here from Content Maximiser. I just did a monthly audit with one of our clients, Dr Wong from Melbourne. And after going through Google Analytics, he said, “Wow, Liza, I’ve never seen this before. My previous SEO guy never showed me this. This is really impressive.” It got me thinking, wow, how many other dental practices have invested money on digital marketing, on SEO and they have no idea what’s going on? So I thought I’ll make a video sharing with you how do you know when your SEO is actually working?

Here, I’m going to go through three screenshots of our clients. Now in here, what you can see is that I have zoom out and expand the view from the beginning of 2019 to today. This just gives you an idea of the trend of what happened to their organic traffic.

Dental Client Google Analytics SEO Results

So for this particular client, you can see there is no traffic. And then we started working with them around here. You can see that SEO takes a little while for things to kick in, but once they kick in, you can see this upward trend of traffic.

Now in here, not only do you want to see this upward trend when you know your SEO is working because it means more traffic is coming in, but also you want to make sure that goals are set up. We’ve set up a whole bunch of different goals. In this particular one is tracking people clicking the phone number. So you can see that there’s actually conversion.

There’s no point having traffic if there’s no conversion.

Now let’s have a look at another example.
Dental Client Google Analytics SEO Results
So in this example, this is a more mature site. Now with this particular client, we were working with them since the beginning of 2020. Now, if you look at the SEO traffic, you can see that it’s pretty much quite flatlined.

And then you can see in 2020, and the thing is, it’s okay to have some ups and downs, but what you are looking for is an overall trend. So you can see this is quite a flat line. And then in 2020, you can see things start shifting. And where you hit this 100, this is weekly traffic of 100 visitors per week. So if you look at this 100-line, you can see that when it gets to say, the first quarter, traffic is now going above this line. So you can see it keeps moving up and it keeps going up and it keeps going up. And then in 2021, you can see things are really moving.

Now like I said, it is okay to have a bit of a downward dip because it does fluctuate. It’s never a straight line. There will be fluctuation and there will be seasonality. Having said that, what you want to see is that over time you want to see an upward trend.

Dental Client Google Analytics SEO Results
Now, in this final example that I want to share with you, you can see once again we zoom out from the beginning of 2019 so that you can see a trend. Now you can see, this client has also been working with an SEO company over a period of time.

And once again, you can see that it is really flatlining. And then we started working with them on the last quarter of 2020, so you can see towards the second half, well, more actually towards around here. So you can see the traffic is really, really flat until you get some real SEO activity going on and you can see in 2021 things really shifted and started moving.

Don’t worry about the goals that you see here, because this is, as you can see, this is tracking of the all sites or the all goal or all the goals for the site, so that’s why it is so minimal.

But what you want to see, like I said, when you want to look at SEO, will you be seeing more clients coming to see you. But also another way to look at it is to look at your Google Analytics, look under organic search, look at all traffic sources and then zoom out and look at the overall trend to see that there is an upward trend for your SEO traffic.

Now that you know how you can see when your SEO is actually working, maybe time to go and check in your Google Analytics and make sure that goals are actually set up so you can see, not only the traffic but actually how many conversions are giving your dental practice.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to reach out or if you feel a need to upgrade your SEO results, we’ll love to help. We have got a program called the Practice Growth Program that’s designed to help dental practices double their business in three years or less.

As a matter of fact, one of our dental clients actually achieved that in less than a year. They did it in 10 months and it’s an established business that’s been around for three years. So if you want to see if we’re a right fit for each other, simply fill in the inquiry form on our website or DM us on social media and we’ll connect and have a chat. See you at the next video.


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