The First Step When Putting Together A Dental Digital Marketing Strategy

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What is the number one thing that you need to know when putting a digital marketing strategy together for your dental practice to dominate your market?

Hi, Liza here, from Content Maximiser, as well as the founder of the Practice Growth Program.

When putting together a digital marketing strategy for your dental practice, the number one thing that you need to know, which is what we do for our clients when we put a strategy together for them, is the competitor analysis.

What you want to know for your local market:

  • What is the top-performing dental practice is doing.
  • You want to know what they’re doing, what is their strategy to help them to achieve the number one spot in Google Search results.
  • You also want to know what they’re doing in Google Ads to give them the results that they have.

There’s no point in you putting a digital marketing strategy together, doing Facebook Ads, doing Google Ads, doing some SEO work, when you don’t know what you’re competing against.

Once upon a time, when I was working in business development in major corporate, my first meeting with my sales director is, show me what your number one performer in this company is doing. And then, I know, I get this is my benchmark, and this is what I need to do, plus better.

So there’s no difference when you’re putting a digital marketing strategy, you want to know who the number one performers are in Google Search results, in Google Ads, in the social media. You want to understand their strategy, what they’re doing and what’s involved to beat them, plus more.

So, how do you do this?

So for us at our agency, there are quite a few tools that we use, but one of them is SEMRush. It’s, With SEMrush, it’s an awesome tool. It’s a premium paid tool. It ranges from US$120 a month to US$450 a month. So we subscribed to the tool so that it gives us insights into our client’s competitors so that we know what’s involved to help our clients to dominate their market.

So with SEMrush, all you need to do is enter the websites that you want to analyze, and it’ll give you a really awesome insights. It will give you information such as:

1. How much traffic that website is getting.

2. What percentage of that traffic is brand traffic versus non-brand traffic. So non-brand traffic is, it means, people who never heard of them, so they’re not searching for their brand name. So it’s based on keyword search. Whereas, brand traffic is, probably the patients, because they already know the brand, and so they just type the brand in.

3. It also tells you what search terms are giving traffic to the site, and what percentage of those search terms is accounting for the overall traffic. It’s really valuable information.

4. Another great piece of information that it has is, the backlink profiles. How many backlinks are there coming for how many sites? What’s the quality of those backlinks? Which is critical when it comes to SEO work, because it’s not just about quantity, but it’s about quality.

5. It gives you insights into the top-performing landing pages. So what are the landing pages that are getting the most amount of traffic? So that you can actually check out those landing pages, see how it is constructed and how you can do it better.

6. It also gives you great insights into the Google Ads campaign. What search terms are they after? How much they’re spending on cost per click? So it gives you an idea, what’s the cost per click, how much traffic, and so then it helps you, or it helps us with when we’re working with our clients, what is the budget that they should have for the Google Ads campaign to be ahead of their competitors. It also shows you all the ads that this dental practice writes. So then if you look at all the ads that they have, and you understand their strategy, then you can go, how you can write your Google Ads better, the copywriting, to outperform the competitor.


So here are just some examples of some really powerful information that you can get when you’re formulating your competitor analysis, to put the strategy together, to be the number one dental practice in the area.

So like I said, one of the most important pieces of information that you need when you’re formulating a digital marketing strategy for your dental practice is the competitor analysis. So to save your time, we’ve already put a competitor analysis report together for your area.

So, all you do is just need to click the button below and say, “report”, and we will send you the competitor analysis report for your local area.

So I hope this is useful information for you. And if you want to grow your dental practice, and you’ve got some questions, feel free to reach out. Happy to have a chat and see whether we’re a right fit for each other. Cheers!


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