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Practice Growth is the brainchild of Digital Marketing Specialist Liza Choa. With the collaboration with her expert team, Liza becomes your greatest cheerleader for your dental practice.

With over 15 years of experience across multi-disciplinary digital marketing, Liza has forged alliances with the best of the best in the industry to form her team.

Under the umbrella of Content Maximiser, Practice Growth is a comprehensive end-to-end demand-generating solution for dental practices based on integrity and results from initial strategy to website and funnel building, then multi-channel traffic generation with ongoing lead nurturing.

“If you’re not experiencing an upward trend in your business, then discernment is needed when choosing your digital marketing specialists,” explains Liza.

“We are not a service provider. We are not a supplier. We are partners in your success.

When Practice Growth is responsible for everything, from your website to all your online channels, we are empowered to fine-tune and optimise your results on an on-going basis.

Most dental practices come to us looking for more new patients. During our initial Discovery Call, we map out a blueprint strategy with you that helps to identify the gaps. We look for what’s missing in your digital marketing and what we can do to help you bridge those gaps and accelerate your growth.”

“Seeing our clients get results inspires us, and we feel very proud of that,”

Liza Choa

Managing Director, Content Maximiser

You may ask, how does Practice Growth produce such outstanding and consistent results for its clients?

“We specialise in dental practices. We draw data from multiple sources across all our dental clients throughout Australia. We know what to expect and how to leverage the data to help our clients achieve more. We’ve consolidated those intellectual properties into a tailored solution to create the Practice Growth program.”

As one client said: ‘Liza put herself in our shoes as a business owner and really cared about our results.’

The Practice Growth team is holistic, results-oriented and strive to give their clients their best knowledge AND it is done with heartfelt caring.

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Focused on helping Dental Practice owners by taking over their digital marketing in a holistic fashion, with a clear tangible outcome, to double their practice in 3 years or less


Too many sharks in the industry who take advantage of the practice owners and capitalise on their ignorance and produce very few results

From our experience from Content Maximiser, our digital marketing agency, looking after multiple dental practices through the country, and the results we have produced for them, we consolidated it as a packages product and created Practice Growth Program

Provide a solution that is based on integrity and results

It is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution. From initial strategy to website and funnel building, then multi-channel traffic generation, ongoing leads nurturing. This ensures there is no finger-pointing, blaming someone else for lack of results. When we are responsible for everything, we are empowered to fine-tune and optimise on an ongoing basis


Disclaimer: The above results are for existing clients. There is no guarantee of these results however we will always do our best for the highest ROI for you.

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