AHPRA Advertising Guidelines Summary

Episode Highlights:

0:54 Background of AHPRA Advertising Guidelines
1:25 The executive summary section of the document explained
1:59 The purpose of the guidelines
2:44 What is “advertising” as defined by the document
3:20 Who is an advertiser
4:24 False, misleading and deceptive advertising, in short
7:42 Evidence required for claims made by advertising
8:21 Pointers in making comparisons with other regulated health services
9:59 Do’s & Don’ts #1: Using words or variation of the words, or phrases like “specialist”, “specialises in”, “specialty” or “specialised”
11:42 Do’s & Don’ts #2: Using the title “doctor”
12:49 Do’s & Don’ts #3: Using gifts, discounts or inducements as advertising tactics
14:54 Do’s & Don’ts #4: Using testimonials
20:40 Do’s & Don’ts #5: Creating an unreasonable expectation of outcome or recovery time after providing a regulated health service
24:15 Do’s & Don’ts #6: Using photos and images of unrealistic outcome
25:10 Do’s & Don’ts #7: Using before & after photos
26:34 Do’s & Don’ts #8: Encouraging the use of regulated health services, which is not based on clinical needs or therapeutic benefit
29:16 Final points of the episode

AHPRA Advertising Guidelines Summary Infographic

Working with so many registered health practitioners, it is important to keep up to date with the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines. We have created a simple table to make it easy for you to know which words to use, and which words to avoid to stay compliant.

Infographic - AHPRA Advertising Guidelines Summary

We hope that going through this AHPRA Advertising Guidelines Summary, it has given you more clarity on how to approach your marketing in 2022 and beyond. We always keep ourselves up to date with the AHPRA advertising guidelines to ensure that our clients are compliant with their digital marketing.

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