3 Reasons Why Your Videos Are Not Working For Your Dental Practice

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Hi, Liza here from Content Maximiser, as well as the founder of the Practice Growth Program, which is designed to help dental practices to double their business in three years or less.

I was talking to Dr. Sarah the other day, who owns a couple of cosmetic dental practices here in Sydney. And during our Business Acceleration Strategy, where she commissioned us to do a full audit of all her online presence and then give recommendation on how to bridge the gap to help her get to her goals, she said to me, “Liza, I have got made a whole bunch of videos. It cost me like $5,000 per video, but the thing is when we post them on social media, we’re just not getting more leads. Why is that?”

This is such a common question that we hear from dental practices, where they spend an awful a lot of money making videos because they know that that’s the way of future and yet they’re just not getting more enquiries from it. So I thought I’ll make a video today talking about the three reasons why your videos might not be working as well as you would like.

You might not be seeding your services

Problem number one is that you might not be seeding your service properly in your video. Video is such a rich medium. It is a great way for you to connect with your prospective patients because they get to see your face. They get to hear your voice. They get to see your expressions, and it’s a real opportunity for you to connect with them. Now, it is also a really great opportunity for you to seed your services. Very often what we see is that the practice owner could be making a video educating on something and that’s it, and they’re not seeding.

So what do I mean by seeding? At the beginning of your video, you should gently sprinkle your target market and the type of service that you offer as part of the conversations, kind of like what I’m doing in this particular video. You would have heard me say my name, the businesses that I own, who I serve, so I talked about Dr. Sara, who owns cosmetic practices in Sydney. I also then mentioned about how we did the Business Acceleration Strategy, which is one of the services that we offer. You also heard me talk about the Practice Growth Program, which is also a program that we offer to dental practices, right?

So by having an introduction that actually seeds who you look after, what service you offer as part of the whole conversation, people will get an idea of, “Oh, this is who he or she looks after.” You definitely want to seed your service and your target audience properly as part of your video content.

You might not be following the Content Tri-Factor

Problem number two is that you might not be following the content marketing rule of the “Content Tri-Factor”. So what is the Content Tri-Factor? Well, when it comes to content marketing, there are three things that you want to follow when it comes to content creation and they are:

    1. Personality
    2. Content
    3. Production Value

And those are the three things in that order that is important when it comes to making videos. You don’t need to spend $5,000 per video and spend a lot of money on production value because that is actually the least important. What is really important is actually sharing your personality. Now, I’m not asking you to be extremely hyper when that’s not your personality style, but it’s just being really authentic and showing who you really are because then you’re going to attract the patients that are going to resonate with your personality.

Then the next part is the content that you actually want to educate your potential patients, as well as maybe adding entertainment. So we talk about entertain, educate, add value.

So like I said, you want to follow the Content Tri-Factor, which is personality, content, and production value, which is the reason why we help our Practice Growth Program client to plan everything. And the most important one is that we help them come up with video blog topics based on research and finding out the type of questions that people are actually asking so that it will help our clients to create content. Now, of course, with their personality, we help them shine through that through the videos as well. And then we send a production team and make it really smooth and easy. We do 12 videos in one go in a few hours and then they don’t have to worry about a full whole quarter.

You might not have call-to-actions

Number three is that you might not have call-to-action at the end of your videos. This is such a common mistake we see with so many videos that we audit, is that the dentist could be spending the time in front of the video, educating something really awesome, and then at the end, they just go, “See you next time.” And that’s it, right? And there’s no call-to-action for someone who resonated with what they shared.

What you want to do at the end of each video is that you want to make it explicitly clear what you want your audience to do, whether it is to follow you on Instagram, follow you on Facebook, subscribe to your newsletter, ask them to call you, “Give us a call on this number,” right? Fill in the enquiry form on the website, direct message you on social media. So you want to make really clear what the call-to-action is after someone has watched the video.

Video is such a powerful medium. It enables you to connect with your audience, build relationships. As a matter of fact, let me share a story with you. One of our Practice Growth Program, clients, Dr. Yong who owns three dental practices in Melbourne. And he says to me, “You know what Liza, people are watching my dental implant videos, and now they are specifically asking for me to help them do their dental implant. And as part of the conversations when I get to know the patient, a lot of them mentioned about the videos that they have seen on social media.”

And then we have got another dental client in Brisbane, and I spoke with their practice manager and she said to me, “Liza, you know what? Now, when patients call making an enquiry, they don’t even ask price as often as they used to, which is the type of enquiries that we used to get a lot. They ring and they actually just want to book because they have been going through the website and actually watching the videos.” So when your videos are done correctly, that is the effect that you should have. Is that your front office coordinator when they answer the phone, when they talked to potential patients, they will have less questions. And they actually want to make bookings, because what has happened is that you’ve actually built a relationship with them through the videos, what a leveraged way of doing that.

So like I said, to summarise the three reasons why your videos might not be working as well as they could be is because number one, is that you’re not seeding your services properly. Number two is that you’re not following the Content Tri-Factor, and reason number three is that you might not have call-to-actions at the end of your videos.

So I hope you found this video useful. If video is something that you want to upgrade to the next level of your marketing, or you simply want to start, then our Practice Growth Program might be the right fit for you. It is designed to help dental practices double the business in three years or less. And we have got clients who have achieved that within 12 months during COVID. Not that I’m saying that that’s going to happen for you, but this is the type of results that we’ve been getting.

So if you want to find out more and see if we’re the right fit for each other, simply fill in the enquiry form on our websites, or direct message us on social media and we’ll organise the time and have a chat and see if we’re the right fit for each other. I look forward to seeing you at the next video, see you.


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