What Can Businesses Learn from the Recent Facebook Ban of News Sites

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What can businesses learn from the recent Facebook ban of all news sites in Australia?

Hi, Liza here from Content Maximiser. Just a couple of days ago, there’s been a big news in Australia in which Facebook has banned all news sites to be shared on Facebook. So if someone tried to share a news article like from Sydney Morning Herald or the Financial Review on Facebook, the link won’t appear and basically, they have banned all news sites in Australia. Now, how this came about is because Australia has recently introduced a new legislation in which these media giants like Facebook and Google now needs to pay the publisher for the sharing of the news. Now, Google has actually gone through a negotiation with a lot of these news media outlets. However, Facebook decides to take a different approach. They decided not to pay these media outlets and instead they will ban the content and their mindset quite frankly, is, well don’t share news on our platform.

So now the conversation has taken to the highest level in which the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison is now talking to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and the conversation still continues as well as different government levels. But the point is what can businesses learn from what happened here?

What would happen if you lose your Facebook page or your Instagram page, how would your business be impacted?

So our philosophy here at Content Maximiser, which is something that I should learn from my coach, Jim Schramko, and his philosophy of “Own the Racecourse”, which means you want to operate in the racecourse that you own and not be one of the horses that run on the racecourse.

So if you look at platforms like Facebook and Instagram and Google My Business, YouTube, these are all platforms that you as a business owner do not own, right. The fact that you’ve got a Facebook page or an Instagram page is a privilege to have that. So therefore we can’t take that for granted and think that we own it.

The only thing that you can control is your website and your database, your CRM, your customer relationship management system, and all the contacts that are in it. So our philosophy at Content Maximiser is that you want to build a database that you own and that you control. We see platforms like Facebook and Instagram and Google. They are all just traffic sources so this is where your target audience hanging out, and you want to bring this audience onto a platform that you control, which in this case is your website. And you want to have funnels in place to capture people’s details. So you want to have a lead magnet whether it’s an ebook or an online quiz where you are adding something of value to your target audiences, and they will want that piece of information and in return, they will give you their email address and their mobile number so that you can nurture the relationship with them so that when they are ready, you become the natural provider of choice.

So I feel that what we can learn from what is happening with Facebook and all the news sites, and also a lot of the health sites is that don’t take social media platform for granted. You do not own the Facebook page. You do not own your Instagram page. You do not own your YouTube account, right?

See them to be temporary, right?

In the meantime, you focus on building your list through effective funnels on your websites by getting people’s details. And this is exactly what we do for our practice growth program clients is that we put funnels on their website so that we can capture their prospect details so that we can then nurture them in an ongoing fashion using something like a newsletter, for example, just on an ongoing basis, touching base sharing the latest patient case studies sharing their latest video block, keep adding value to the database to nurture them so that when they need a dentist, then our clients become the natural provider of choice.

So if you don’t have a funnel on your website, and it is something that you want to start implementing in 2021 and beyond, so that you are going to have more control of the communication with your prospect, your potential clients, your potential patients, then we’ll love to help.

Simply click the button below, fill in the inquiry form at the end of this page, or direct message us on our social media accounts. And we’ll be in touch and have a chat and see whether we’re a right fit for each other. I hope this is useful. Cheers!


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