Sure Dental: 69.4% increase in new patients in the first month website was launched

In the following video, Dr Michael Ghobrial from Sure Dental, a Content Maximiser client, shares how he increased his average number of new patients by almost 70% compared to 2019, all during a global pandemic. But instead of me telling you about it here, why don’t you watch the video or listen to the full interview to hear Dr Ghobrial sharing the process in us working together in his own words…

Sure Dental Before
Dr Michael Ghobrial
Sure Dental Brisbane

I had quite a few different marketing agencies, always amazing at the start. Always amazing at making promises of what they’re gonna do and the results they’re gonna gain. But in the end, just a real disappointment and a lack of results.

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Suredental Logo WebWho is the client?
Sure Dental was found in 2006, and was taken over by Dr Ghobrial at the end of 2013. They are a premium cosmetic dental practice located in the city fringe of Brisbane in Wavell Heights. Their expertise is in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. They strive to create a patient-focused dental practice with their comfort as a priority.


What challenges did they have?
After dealing with many digital marketing agencies without any success, they began to question whether marketing would actually work for them. As a premium provider, they felt no marketing agencies understood their brand and could represent them correctly.

In addition, didn’t matter how much they spent, there was no increase in new patients. They were close to giving up on using another marketing agency.


What did we do for them?
We started with our Business Acceleration Strategy in order for us to understand their business objectives, the performance of their online marketing to date, as well as mapping a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to help them bridge the gap.

The next step was to redesign their website, rewrote all their service content so that they are engaging as well as search engine optimised. We also implemented multiple funnels to lead prospective patients to conversions.

Once the site has gone live, we created numerous traffic channels to drive visitors to their website, including the Search Engine, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, social media content for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google My Business.

Dental Marketing Brisbane

It was exciting to see the website come together. Feel like it reflects our brand more accurately to what we had in the past. And the patients seem to be responding really well to it.

Patients are more keen to come and see us specifically, and when they come in, they are more educated.

Dr Michael Ghobrial Sure Dental
Dr Michael Ghobrial

Website Traffic Increase:

Sure Dental Website Traffic

2020 vs 2019 Website Traffic Comparisons:

Sure Dental traffic 2020 vs 2019

New Patients Increase:


increase in the average number of new patients compared to 2019

We are only three months in, but at the moment, each month keeps growing. The result was immediate…. You know this last month, August that just finished, was our highest number yet which was great!

Dr Michael Ghobrial Sure Dental
Dr Michael Ghobrial

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