7 Deadly Dental Marketing Sin #5: Running Ads to your Home Page

In this episode, we will talk about one of the 7 Deadly Sins in Dental Marketing – running ads to your homepage.

I was on my phone looking through social media when I saw an ad that showed up in front of me. It was a local practice running a free Invisalign consult ad. I’ve never heard of them before, never seen them before, never went to their sites. I guess just like many dental practices, they run these ads to do free consults, free Invisalign consult, free implant consults, and trying to get me to have a look. So I thought, “Okay, I’ll check it out.”

When I clicked on the ad, it actually took me to the homepage. There is nothing on the homepage that is in reference to the ad that I saw. There is no continuity, from a user experience standpoint, from the ad that I saw to my next step (in this case, they just send to the homepage).

The problem with running ads like this is you may get a lot of impressions, you might even get reach or clicks, but you are not gonna get the conversion you want. You want to get the conversions, the enquiries, the phone calls, the bookings, the consults, so that ultimately, they become patients. That’s the whole point of running those ads.

What To Do

What you want to do instead when you’re running ads and driving traffic to your website, you want to make sure that the landing page that your visitors land on is a continuation of the ad.

You want to make it easy and obvious that your visitors are landing at the right place. This way your visitors won’t get lost. They’re like, “Hold on, all of a sudden this free consult before, but now I land on this thing and I don’t know what this is about and that they have to navigate their way through either to make a phone call or take the action that you want them to take.”

In our Practice Growth Program, our approach is that when we run Facebook and Instagram ads, we make sure that a landing page is created for each ad. Ensuring that there’s consistency and a continuous user experience from the ad to the landing page.

This is reflected in the copy, the imagery, and the design. You don’t have an image of a brunette lady in the ad and then you’ve got a blonde lady on the landing page. You want to use the same lady so that you are giving your user experience that, “Yes, this is where you’re meant to be next. And this is the next step that we want you to take.” That also includes images and videos that they see on both platforms, as well as the style of language, that there is a consistency throughout.

In addition, for our clients, we make sure that the landing page never comes across as “salesy”. We make sure that everything is consistent with our client brand, their tone, their brand voice, portraying elegance and professional imagery.

In summary, if you’re running pay ads, make sure that your landing page is a continuation of your customers’ buying experience. You do the same to a landing page. You want to make sure that you guide visitors correctly so that they know what to do next, which is ultimately to make the enquiry or make the phone call.

Next Step

If this sounds like the approach that you like for your digital marketing, then we’d love to help. Our Practice Growth Program could be a right fit for you. It is designed to help dental practices double their practice in three years or less and we’ve done it for numerous practice across Australia.

Click the button below and fill in the enquiry form on the site. We will reach out, have a chat, see whatever right fit for each other, and then we can go from there.


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