7 Deadly Dental Marketing Sin #4: Getting Your Develop to Register Your Domain Under Them

In this episode, we’ll talk about the 4th sin from the 7 Deadly Dental Marketing Sin, which is, getting your developer to register the domain under them rather than you.

We just recently finished building a site for one of our Practice Growth Program clients. They were really excited, they loved the site, ready to go live, and then they realised that they don’t own the domain, their previous developer owns it.

With their previous site, they got their developer to do everything because it’s easy and they were busy. What ended up happening is that the developer registered the domain under themselves rather than under their clients, so as a result, this Practice Growth client does not own the domain.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time we’ve seen this, we see this over and over again. Good thing for this client, they were able to get in touch with the developer, and they were actually really nice about it, and then transferred the ownership back to the dental practice. But we’ve seen in the past where the developer decided to retire, change careers, or even go off-the-grid. They just can’t get in touch with the developer, and it becomes impossible to take back the ownership of a domain.

When you don’t own the domain, you don’t control it, and it’s a very vulnerable position to be in because that’s your asset.

Your domain is actually more important than the website when it comes to ownership and control, because all you need to do is repoint your domain to a different host, but when it comes to the domain, there is only one domain, and you need to own that.

Your domain is pretty much one of your most valuable digital assets.

When we help our clients set up domains, we make sure that we create an account for them under the domain registrar, and it is actually set up under them, and not on our accounts.

It’s really important also like your website can change from one design to another, one host to another, from one hosting company to another hosting company, but your domain remains the same, it’s consistent.

The other thing is the older is your domain, and the more valuable it becomes. It also has domain authority and it helps with your SEO. It is relatively easier for us to rank a site or domain that has been around for a few years, rather than a brand new domain.

What To Do

You definitely want to have ownership of your domain. Better yet, do it yourself. You can register the domain yourself which is very easy to do. Or if you’re going to get your web developer or another IT person to do it, make sure it is done under your account. They can set up an account for you with your details, your credit card, and your email, etc. Make sure that it is registered in your account, not their account, which is very, very critical.

This is exactly what we do for our Practice Growth Program clients. If it’s a brand new practice, they need a new domain, or we’ve got clients that are opening up new practices and they want to have new websites. Then we make sure that the domain is registered under them and not us. This way our client has control of it. At any point, if they want to switch hosting, they can easily do it themselves.

Next Step

So, if you want to work with a provider who has got your best interest in mind, then we’d love to work with you. With our Practice Growth Program, it is designed to help dental practices double their business in threes or less, and we’ve done this numerous times now, and we’ve got case studies after case studies. If that’s of interest, fill in your enquiry form by clicking the button below, and we’ll reach out soon.

I hope that we can help you grow your practice.


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