7 Deadly Dental Marketing Sin #3: Copying Other Dental Websites

Today, we will go through the 3rd Deadly Sin in Dental Marketing, which is copying other dental websites.

We were doing an audit for our new Practice Growth Program client Dr. Sebastian, who is based in Parramatta in Sydney. He came to us because he wants to grow his business.

He has been declining and he is getting fewer new patients. Also, his patient retention is not as good as it could be. He heard about us and he thought he’ll reach out and see if we could work together.

Our first step with him was to do an audit.

When I looked at his site it looks pretty much identical to one of the sites that we built for another client. He even admitted to us that he was checking out what we do for another client, and he got another agency to try to copy it.

What To Do

Whilst it might be good to get inspiration from websites from within the industry, the problem is that if you keep doing that then your online presence will look like every other dental site, and you lack originality. You won’t stand out and you look the same as your competitors. In your prospective patient’s eyes, you are just not going to stand out.

Instead, other than just getting inspirations from other dental sites, what you want to do instead is to get inspiration from outside your industry, outside the country.

Look at sites from the UK, the US, from France, from Europe, places that are really great for designs. You want to get inspiration from them rather than just local dental sites. This way you don’t run the risk of looking like a copycat and that you are being the leader in best practices in your space.

In our Practice Growth Program, this is exactly what we do with our clients. We do not use templates, it’s not copy and paste. Every single one of our clients dental sites are unique to them because as I get to know the practice, the owner, their philosophy as well as their branding and their style and the type of patients that they’re after, we will come up with a unique design specifically for them.

that is the reason why with our clients everything is premium. Everything is top notch. Everything is customised for them. Just like when you do a smile over for your patient, it is customised for them and their facial geometry, their style, their colour, et cetera so that it is unique.

In addition, what we do is we get inspiration from major brands, Fortune 500, luxury brands. We always get inspiration from the latest designs and then we incorporate them for our clients.

Finally, our designers also follow design blogs, making sure that we keep abreast with the latest trends and when it comes to website and digital marketing.

Next Step

I hope you understand this third deadly sin when it comes to dental marketing, which is copying other dental sites. And I hope that you are not making this mistake!

If you are looking at upgrading your website, if you are looking at bringing your digital marketing to the next level, you’re looking at bringing on new patients, high dollar value patients, then we could be the right fit for you.

Our Practice Growth Program is designed to help dental practices double their practice in three years or less, and we’ve done it numerous times already and hopefully, we can do that for you too.

All you gotta do is click the button below and fill in the application form on the website. We’ll reach out soon. We’ll have a chat to see whether we are the right fit for each other.

I hope you found this video useful and I look forward to seeing you soon.


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