7 Deadly Dental Marketing Sin #1: Making Your Practice the Hero

In this episode, we are going to cover one of the 7 Deadly Sins in Dental Marketing, which is – all about the dentists or making your practice the hero.

I did an audit for a new Practice Growth Program client, Dr. Patrick, who is based in Newcastle. Now, he came to us because he wants to grow his practice. So when we looked through his website, the first thing that we saw was him and his team. And then when we checked his social media accounts, all the photos were about him and his team. There was hardly anything to do with his patients.

When we read his content, we used a highlighter and highlighted the word “we” in yellow, versus in green is the words of “you” or “yours”. There were a lot of yellows. They used the word “we” a lot.

Unfortunately, this is very common with a lot of dental practices.

What To Do

What you should be doing is you want to make your customers the hero and you be the guide.

“A fatal mistake some brands make, especially young brands who believe they need to prove themselves, is they position themselves as the hero in the story instead of the guide. As I’ve already mentioned, a brand that positions itself as the hero is destined to lose. ” Donald Miller, Bestselling Author of ‘Building a Story Brand’

You should centre your marketing stories around your patients, their transformations, their stories.

In our Practice Growth Program, we help our dental clients use before-after photos and turn these before-after photos into patient stories. We do write-ups and case studies. We create montage videos to be shared on social media. We guide our clients on how to take behind-the-scene photos and videos that can be used on social media.

We help our clients to be a patient-centric practice. They are not just buzz words, you can see them on all their digital footprints.

Next Step

So, if you want help to put this into practice at your practice, then our Practice Growth Program could be right for you! This program is designed to help dental practices double in three years or less. If this is something of interest, click the button below and fill in the form.

We’ll be in touch to organise a Discovery Call and see whether we are the right fit for each other.


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